Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ice Skating Outing

Next update: Dartmouth goes ice skating!
Last week on Wednesday we left from school with Masa, a fourth year Kanda student who is a volunteer for our LSA group, and Naho, a Dartmouth '16 who lives in the area. We missed Kimberly though, she had previously hurt her ankle and so couldn't join us. We took a train and then a bus to Inage where we arrived at the Aqua Rink. It was an ice skating rink plus Aqua Zone! Everyone did a really good job actually. No major injuries!
After everyone had worn out their legs (and feet! Ice skates WILL cause blisters.) we entered the hotspring pool. What was really cool about that was that once you left the locker room, you went through a doorway that enveloped you in a mysterious vale of showering water and suddenly exported you to a magical space with flowing water and a jacuzzi (inside). There was also an outside Jacuzzi overlooking the sea and a sauna! The sauna was impossible for me to stay in, but I feel like the others had a nice time. We then toweled off and went back to the station. We all had dinner together at an izakaya and returned home.

 I like to take a lot of pictures apparently, so here are a bunch:

Also, just so you know there is actually studying going on, here are some more pictures.

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