Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cell Phone Diary 3 (Tangent)

携帯日記、7月10日(水) 7/10/13
Cellphone Diary by Tangent Cheng 7/10/13
When we went to Nikko, I saw many different types of souvenirs, but the souvenirs that I saw were also generally sold in other prefectures or sightseeing locations. For example, my homestay mother said that Yuba (tofu skin) in Nikko is famous, but it's also really famous in Kyoto. She then said that the anko (red bean paste) from Narita Mountain is also famous, but it's made in various other places in Japan as well. Japanese people do not only give souvenirs to their friends after they come back from a trip, but on New Years, they also give gifts called "ochuuden." My homestay family said that they receive a lot of sweets and snacks as gifts. There is a drink called Calpis that is also apparently a popular gift. I wonder how much money is spent on gifts and souvenirs in Japan each year...

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