Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cell Phone Diary 1 (Kimberly)

A little introduction for what is to follow. The students are asked to complete three times a week as homework a diary-like assignment called Keitai Nikki (Cellphone Diary). The point for them is to write about one of their new experiences in Japan via email or phone mail and send it to Dorsey-sensei to be graded. The following is one example of this written by Kimberly Hassel '16 and is followed by an English translation and picture. 
Cell Phone Diary, June 27, 2013
By Kimberly Hassel
Because classes started this week, I leave the house by myself every day and thus often use Japanese home greetings. Before I leave the house, I put on my shoes and say, "Ittekimasu!" (meaning "I'm off!" or "See you later!"). Then, my host family says "Itterasshai!" (meaning "Have a good day!" or "Take care!") When I get home, I use the greeting "Tadaima!" (meaning "I'm home!") My host family says "Okaerinasai!" (meaning "Welcome home!") We say these greetings in the entrane of the house (called a genkan). The genkan of a Japanese house is the first room you enter. Because you aren't allowed to enter the house with your shoes on, you take them off in the genkan. I like the genkan. It's a place where I feel relaxed. I am happy every morning and evening because my host family uses these kind greetings in the genkan.

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