Monday, August 19, 2013

Baseball Outing

Another highlight from the past few weeks was Baseball Day (the best day!!)! Somehow, thanks to Dorsey-sensei, our group came into a bunch of tickets to a Marines baseball game (Chiba's team)! So sensei, yukari-san, all the ducklings, my friend from my dance group, Hikaru, our friend from Sekiya-sensei's class, Hiroki, Masa, and I all got together and watched some baseball. There was snacking and chatting and buying of souvenirs and all around general merriment. It was an okay game, the Marines didn't play that well and basically lost it toward the end, but it was fun just to be at the game--Japanese baseball games are different from American ones in that there are cheerleaders and an entire cheer section...I think people here are way more into it, despite baseball being "America's Pastime." They played a team from Hokkaido, the Fighters, and I think the end score was 8-5 or so. We then fought our way through the multitudes of disappointed baseball fans to Kaihinmakuhari station and went home.
As always, here are a bunch of pictures.

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